BORA – ARGON 18 invited to the only German WorldTour race


BORA – ARGON 18 has been invited to the Vattenfall Cyclassics, the only German WorldTour cycling race. The German ProContinental team managed by Ralph Denk will thus be participating in the one-day race in Hamburg for the fifth consecutive time. The team’s best results in this race have previously come from classics specialists Andreas Schillinger, who placed 17th (2012), and Scott Thwaites, who placed 20th (2014).

"The invitation to the most important German race is very special for us this year. On the one hand, with BORA we have a German name sponsor on our side, for whom the Cyclassics are extremely important. On the other hand, we will be heading to Hamburg in even better condition," comments Ralph Denk, team manager of BORA – ARGON 18, on the wild card.

"To date we have finished somewhere around the Top20 in the Cyclassics each year. We want that to change in 2015. In just the first eight weeks of the season, we have had no less than a dozen Top5 finishes in sprints and classics races. This successful spring shows that we have improved tremendously and we, of course, want to take advantage of that in the second half of the season," Denk says as he confidently looks ahead to the Cyclassics.

To commemorate this year’s 20th anniversary of the Cyclassics, some changes have been made to the traditional route. On August 23, the race will make its debut start in Kiel, then head south to Hamburg. The multiple sections on the famous Waseberg with as much as 16% incline have been kept on the itinerary.

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