Argon 18 conducts velodrome testing with BORA – ARGON 18


The Argon 18 team, onsite in Mallorca (Spain) for the first of BORA –ARGON 18’s training camps, was involved in a series of tests conducted in a velodrome to improve aerodynamic positioning for their athletes. Driven by Alphamantis Technologies, experts in the field, the digital analysis was initiated by Gervais Rioux, president and founder of Argon 18. Rioux is incorporating his technological vision to the team and believes it will greatly benefit the riders and by doing so, improve BORA – ARGON 18’s performances in this summer’s 102nd Tour de France.      


"The cycling industry has evolved a lot. Many tests, measurements, apps and software now allow us to almost perfectly analyze a rider’s positioning and ergonomics on the bike. By putting these scientific and technological advantages to work for the riders, we’re hoping to help shave off precious seconds. We’re also hoping that, combined with the athletes’ talent, our support will allow them to accumulate many wins this season. Offering this service to the team aligns with Argon 18’s philosophy of constant innovation and offering the industry’s top peforming bikes, keeping in mind every cyclist’s morphology", contends Gervais Rioux. "It’s through the gathering of this type of scientific data, coupled with the world’s best athletes’ feedback that we will be able to constantly fine-tune our products. This goes for high-level riders as well as those who bike for the fun of it", he concludes.  

Co-title sponsor of the German team, Argon 18 was thrilled to witness the improvement of the riders’ performances after fine-tuning their time trial bikes (E-118 Next), however subtle the adjustments may have been. Indeed, changing the spacers (located between the handlebars and the extensions) by a few millimeters helped three riders improve their absolute performance by up to 7%. In other words, they now exert less effort to achieve the same speed. For future races this season, maximizing the rider’s effort and power will allow the rider to maintain a faster speed during the race, while preserving sufficient energy to allow for that last burst in the final kilometers.

A Montreal-based technology

Alphamantis Technologies has developped a unique expertise in sports aerodynamics R&D. The main objective of the cycling tests is to measure different variables that could influence the athlete’s aerodynamics. Alphamantis then suggests minor technical adjustments to maximize power and efficiency on the road. Argon 18’s recent tests mainly evaluated rider position. Retül (static) and Track Aero System (in motion) technologies were utilized. To learn more:


About Argon 18

The Argon 18 brand can be found in 40 countries around the world and is distributed by a large network of retailers across Canada and the USA. The Montreal-based manufacturer continues its success year after year, in large part due to its innovative spirit, coupled with the continuous introduction of high-end bicycles that are among the industry’s highest performers, keeping in mind every cyclist’s morphology. This is the mission that Gervais Rioux, founder and ex-champion cyclist, has infused into the Canadian company since its inception 25 years ago.


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