5 pre-race pro tips from Michelle Vesterby

Michelle Vesterby

With IRONMAN Texas just around the corner, Michelle Vesterby shares some of her pre-race rituals as well as information on her favorite tri bike, the E-119 Tri+, and the best piece of riding advice she ever received.


What is your pre-race ritual?

I stick to the plan so no major changes in my pre-race routine. I try to avoid high stress levels. To relax, I always drink a Corona the night before the race. 


What goes through your mind while racing?

Not much, I’m really trying to be in the moment! I concentrate on the feedback my body is giving me during the race to give it my best because I know I’m ready. Focusing on my moves and immersing myself fully in the race allows me to deliver my best, be in the zone and enjoy the process.  


What was the best piece of riding advice you ever received?

To stay aero - head down! The key element in race prep is to find your perfect position. I was able to achieve a very optimal position with the E-119 Tri+, allowing me to stay in a great position throughout the whole bike leg. If I could return the advice: find the right bike for you and get a good bike fit. Everyone – no matter what level of riding and racing you’re doing - can find value in taking a close look at their position and equipment.  


What do you like the most about your E-119 Tri+?

That it’s fast as hell! The bike portion of the race is the longest, and throughout the kilometers, we are always pushing our own way through the wind. The E-119 Tri+ feels so aero and I love how the attention to details and integration of the race-day setup has been thought. It makes me trust the bike and I never need to think about it, I just push through and onto the run!


Why Argon 18?

I do believe it’s the best and fastest bike on the market. For a pro athlete, it’s also important to trust and understand the brand you partner with. So, for me I can recognize myself in the values of the company. I love that Argon 18 always strive to be better - just like me. 


All photos ©: Jesper Grønnemark.

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