BORA - ARGON 18 riders climb into the saddle


BORA - ARGON 18’s first training camp kicked off yesterday on one of the Balearic Islands in Spain to become as ready as possible for the demanding season ahead, which will include the world’s most prestigious cycling event, the Tour de France. This camp will allow Argon 18 to set the tone for its 2015 season. For the company, the global market leader in innovative cycling and major sponsor of the team, this training camp represents the fulfillment of the partnership announced earlier this year.

"We are delighted to take part in this first event bringing together members of the BORA - ARGON 18 team. Since Argon 18 bikes are at the root of a cyclist’s performance, by seeing how they fit the team and then by making thorough adjustments appears to us to be a crucial starting point. In fact, these elements are key to finding the best speed, agility and performance. Road and velodrome tests will be even more crucial to ensure that all riders have a finely-tuned bike which is adjusted to their morphology and preferences. This will be a catalyst in maximizing each rider’s power and will allow them to express the magnitude of their talent”, says Gervais Rioux former Olympian and founder of Argon 18.

The German UCI pro continental cycling team, that will take part in the 102nd Tour de France, can count on Argon 18 bikes finely tuned to each of its 20 riders; three innovative models designed to push performance in every situation:

  • The Gallium Pro is a blend of cycling know-how based on tradition and experience, as well as on state-of-the-art technological research. Due to its remarkable weight-rigidity ratio, the bike is edgy with sharp handling. Its acceleration is exceptional both during a sprint and a breakaway.
  • The Nitrogen, probably BORA - ARGON 18’s weapon of choice, has superior aerodynamics and incomparable manoeuvrability. Due to its refined geometry, in sync with the Gallium Pro, the transition from a pure road bike to an aero road bike is as easy as it is natural.
  • The E-118 Next, the iconic against-the-watch bike, has been completely redesigned to be lighter and more integrated thereby contributing to cutting precious minutes from racers’stopwatches.

Last July, Argon 18 signed a three-year agreement with the German NetApp-Endura team, which became BORA – ARGON 18. The quality of its bikes was the decisive factor in choosing the Canadian bicycle manufacturer. The agreement includes more than 100 bikes, service to the team, in addition to a significant financial contribution. Argon 18 joins BORA, the German designer of cooking tables and vacuum systems to form a strong partnership.

About Argon 18

Today, the Argon 18 bike brand is now present in nearly 40 countries around the world and has a retailer network across the country. The Montréal-based manufacturer is repeating its success year-after-year through its ongoing desire to innovate and offer high-end bikes that are the most efficient in the industry and which are in total harmony with the morphology of each cyclist. Argon 18 founder and former cycling champion, Gervais Rioux, has been infusing this recurring theme into the Canadian company since its inception 25 years ago.


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