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Argon 18 warranty policy

Argon 18 Warranty Policy

Argon 18 warrants – under the terms and conditions outlined below – the Argon 18 product to which this warranty applies to be exempt from material or manufacturing defects. Frames designed by bicycle manufacturer Argon 18 are built for a specific purpose. The warranty is the purchaser’s protection against manufacturing defects, and it replaces all previous warranties, declarations or promises made in writing or verbally.


Only authorized Argon 18 dealers or distributors must assemble Argon 18 bikes. Dealers and distributors must refer to Assembly Guides available on Argon 18’s website to assemble the bikes (www.argon18bike.com).

Conditions and Term of the Warranty

As with 2014 models, all frames purchased from an authorized Argon 18 dealer – authorized dealer or distributor – are guaranteed for three years against manufacturing defects. The warranty term begins with the date of frame purchase. The original, dated sales invoice or other dated proof of purchase is required. The warranty applies to the original purchaser only. No dealer and no other agent or salaried employee of Argon 18 is authorized to modify, extend or broaden the scope of the warranty.

Warranty Validation

This warranty covers only defects of materials and manufacturing arising udder normal conditions.
The following, without limitation, are not covered the warranty:

  • Products having reached the end of their useful life cycle.
  • Product defects resulting from accidents, or oxidation perforation due to severe winter climate and salted roads.
  • Modifications not advised or approved by Argon 18.
  • Neglect, abuse or improper use, or lack of reasonable maintenance.
  • Incorrect or incomplete assembly, or use of e parts or accessories.

Components mounted on Argon 18 frames such as wheels, drivetrains, brakes, seat post, handlebars and stem are covered by the warranties specific to the respective brands. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to have his or her bicycle inspected and verified by an authorized Argon 18 dealer to process a warranty claim.

Repair or Replacement

Argon 18 will replace or repair, at its discretion, any defective product, without charge. The costs of shipping, handling, assembly/disassembly and replacement parts are not covered by this warranty.


Repair or replacement of defective products is the purchaser’s sold remedy under this warranty. In no event shall Argon 18, its agents or its dealers be liable to the purchaser or any third party for any damage caused. Any modifications to or transformations of the frame or components shall void the warranty outlined above.

International Contact

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