Tested in True Wind Conditions

In high-performance cycling, every second counts and aerodynamics can change everything. That’s why any reduction in drag—not matter how small—is of utmost importance. By testing our bikes in true wind conditions, we ensure that all our products are infinitely more accurate and competitive.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Argon 18’s bikes are subjected to extensive CFD testing. This technique uses computers to simulate the flow of liquids/gases involved in the aerodynamic design of bikes.

Wind-tunnel Testing

In the wind tunnel, Argon 18’s bikes are tested at yaw angles between 5 and 20 degrees, which corresponds to true wind conditions. This allows us to compare our bikes, but also to stand out from the competition.

Velodrome Testing

Velodrome testing, the last stage of aerodynamic evaluation, is crucial. By testing our bikes in real-world situations with a racer, we are able to make precious aerodynamic gains and find the optimal rider position.

Drag Coefficient (CDA)

Drag area or CDA is a true indicator of aerodynamic performance. A CDA value the product of the Coefficient of Drag of a given body and its frontal area. Unlike using watts or grams, a CDA value is not dependent on variable test conditions such as velocity or air density. The value is assumed to be a constant, and thus cannot be interpreted.

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