Belgian Argonette and IRONMAN Champion Tine Deckers won IRONMAN 70.3 Pays d’Aix, which took place in France on Sunday. This marks Tine’s second victory of the season, after she triumphed at Puerto Rico Half IRONMAN earlier in March.  

After a last-minute cancellation of the swim, Tine was able to pivot smoothly to the new “time trial triathlon” race format. With a final time of 3:56:18, she was more than six minutes faster than Julia Gajer (Germany; 4:02:29). Nikki Bartlett (UK; 4:04:07) finished third.

Deckers Dominates on the Bike

At the helm of her E-119 Tri, the Belgian triathlete continued to widen the gap between her and her opponents, who seemed to suffer from bad weather much more than Tine. With an 8-minute lead coming into the run, Tine just had to “manage” the pace of the half-marathon, which she finished in 1:22:06. 

“I felt so good on the bike today. And in the run too actually,” Tine marveled after the race. “And today everything just came together. I think if we had had the swim, I would have done well too. On the bike, I started in eighth position. I made my way to the front after 15 kilometers. In the run, I immediately found my rhythm. After one lap, the difference had remained the same and I knew the win was mine.”

About Tine Deckers

Tine Deckers started triathlon in 2005, but turned professional in 2008. Since then, she qualified for Kona every year (except the year she gave birth to her son), for a total of 4 participations. Tine takes part in about 7 races per year, including 2 or 3 full IRONMAN. When her child was only 4 months old, Tine finished 4th at the IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote, with the best bike split.

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