Canadian high-end bike manufacturer Argon 18 is excited to announce the contract renewal of five-time triathlon World Champion Terenzo Bozzone. A true leading figure of the sport, Bozzone is a natural champion. And he’s in full capacity.

This is great news for both parties, and a good omen for the 2016 season, which is fast approaching. Argon 18 thus reconfirms its position as world-leader in triathlon, counting in its ranks some of the most prominent professional triathletes on the international circuit.

As for Terenzo, who had a very good season in 2015 with 8 podium finishes, including 3 first positions, the partnership with Argon 18 allows him to express the full extent of his talent and to race with all his might and fighting spirit on one of the most efficient and aerodynamic bike ever built.

“I have really enjoyed working with the team at Argon 18 for the past 3 years and I am thrilled to have their support as I continue my journey to win the Ironman World Championships”, says Bozzone. “They have a great team of guys up in Canada working hard to make bikes that cater to the highest professionals in cycling and triathlon as well as the everyday amateur.”

“The thing I most love about Argon 18 is their continual drive to keep improving their range of bikes and with their latest innovation in their E-119 Tri+ triathlon bike they have set a whole new standard in the industry”, he adds. “It is stiff so I don’t loose any power, responsive so I can always push for every inch going around corners and has to be the most comfortable and adjustable triathlon bike that I have ever ridden.”

About Terenzo Bozzone

Terenzo Bozzone has a gift: everything he touches turns to gold. This 30-year old prodigy holds 22 national championship titles in swimming, track and field, cycling, duathlon and triathlon. He is a five times world triathlon champion.


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