Emanuel Buchmann and BORA – ARGON 18 are happy to announce contract extension


Emanuel Buchmann and BORA – ARGON 18 are happy to announce contract extension

German National Champion Remains in His Kitchen

At the beginning of this New Year German National Champion – Emanuel Buchmann – and team BORA – ARGON 18 agree to extend their existing agreement until the end of 2018. The team also aims to get a World Tour license in 2017 before the Grand Départ in Düsseldorf. One step on this road will be the team’s new philosophy – ride.natural.


It has been an exciting first pro season for the 23-year-old from Ravensburg. Sending out a clear signal by surprisingly winning the German national title in June. Also at his first Tour de France he raised a flag with his 3rd place in the queen stage, also proving his talent in high mountain stages. Experts already knew by then that “Emu” would make his way.


Now Buchmann and BORA – ARGON 18 announced the extension of the existing agreement until end of 2018. Both parties are sure that the direction they take together is the right one for all of them.


“For me, besides the professional structure and the race program, it is very important to feel the support of members of the team. As a rider, being with BORA – ARGON 18 feels a little bit like being in a family. Everyone trusts each other and supports each other, that’s very important when you struggle with your shape or results. So for me this attitude is key as a young rider to be able to develop my performance step by step”, says the German title holder.


Team Manager Ralph Denk agrees: “We always tell everybody that we want to support young riders on their way to the top of the cycling world. Thanks to our long-term partnership with our main sponsor BORA we can also provide a solid economic environment. This is the basis to work with talents calmly, support them without too much pressure.”


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As a World Tour Team to the Grand Départ in Düsseldorf

Also the team’s direction itself leads consequent to the top of international cycling. Since the beginning the goal has always been to become a World Tour Team. 2017 shall be the year to get a spot in cycling’s “Olymp”.


“For five years we worked very hard towards our main goal. We rode all 3 Grand Tours and also had some successes. But now it is truly time to become a member in cycling’s ‘elite club’. It would be my personal biggest achievement to be at the Grand Départ 2017 in Düsseldorf with BORA – ARGON 18 as a World Tour Team. And I have to say that I am very confident that we can achieve that, and celebrate then together with German cycling”, says Team Manager Ralph Denk.


This year again BORA – ARGON 18 hopes to get one of the wildcards for the Tour de France.


Besides Emanuel Buchmann, new teammates Silvio Herklotz and Gregor Mühlberger also count in this long-term team strategy. The German Herklotz proved his reputation as a climber with his 2nd place in the U23 edition of Liège-Bastogne-Liège last year. Mühlberger is Austria’s biggest rising star. He already scored 6 victories last year and showed that people will need to have an eye on him in both one day and stage races in the future.



The team also proves its unique direction and shared values with its philosophy “ride.natural.” This new identity is based on the elements - lifestyle, progress and home – which now sharply define BORA – ARGON 18’s brand.


“Lifestyle means more to us than well-balanced, healthy diet, it is more a kind of rethinking to the basics. The essence of physical performance, based on what nature provides in pure form, naturally. Besides diet, this mindset is also the basis for a special physical feeling. It means to listen to, and understand the body and its signals regarding training and workload, and to react individually. This is how we support young talents, help them to deliver their personal best performance, and guide them to the top of international cycling”, explains Ralph Denk. 

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