8 Days to Kona - Marc-Antoine-Langlois



8 days to Kona! Today’s triathlete is Marc-Antoine Langlois, a Canadian Argonaut. His bike split objective is under 5 hours (depending on the weather conditions). Wish you all the best, Marc-Antoine. Crush it!


General Info

  • Marc-Antoine Langlois
  • Age 33
  • Canadian
  • 10 years as a triathlete
  • 4th participation at the World Championship


Race Info

  • Bike: E-119 Tri+
  • Bike set-up (see photo below)
  • Speciality: bike
  • What is your bike split objective?
    - Under 5 hours. But that will largely depend on the weather conditions.



  • Favourite food during the race
    - Bananas
  • Superstition/preparation ritual
    - I eat Double Cream Oreos the week before the race.



EnduraPix_19981_160529WA112185E4-min (1)

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