4 Days to Kona - Guillaume Gillodts



Already 4 days left before the Ironman World Championship! Our triathlete of the day is a French Argonaut, Guillaume Gillodts. He is a 2-time France National Champion in his AG on short and long distance and he will rock Kona Ironman for sure! Let’s go, Guillaume! Bravo!


General Info

  • Guillaume Gillodts
  • Age 41
  • French
  • 21 years as a triathlete
  • Career highlights
    - 2-time France National Champion in AG on short and long distances
    - 4th participation in World Championship


Race Info

  • Bike: E-119 Tri
  • Bike set-up
    - Shimano Ultegra, Rotor 3D+QXL 54 crank, Profile Design 58, ISM saddle
  • Speciality: I’m versatile
  • Personal saying
    - “The more you go faster, the less time you take!”
  • What is your bike split objective?
    - Between 4:45 and 5:00 depending on the wind



  • Favourite food during the race
    - Energy bars and HIGH5 IsoGel
  • Superstition/preparation ritual
    - A small beer the night before the race




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