From December 1 to 3, Argon 18 will be at the Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup Milton, Canada, as the official bicycle supplier of the Canadian Cycling Federation and the Danish Cycling Federation.

We are often asked the following questions: 

Why is it important for a high-end bicycle manufacturer like Argon 18 to work with national teams? Furthermore, how will consumers who buy Argon 18 bikes benefit from this association? Our Director of Product, Michael McGinn, answers.

Why is Argon 18 working with national teams?

The track is a unique place. Every 4 years it takes center stage in a big way. But it’s also the place where the environment is the most controlled and the athletes can punish a bike the most in such small intense periods of time. It’s the ultimate proving grounds! For Argon 18 it’s always been part of our mission: to dominate in the three major disciplines of road, triathlon and track. 

Is Argon 18’s work done once the track bikes are designed and built? Work is never done! Period. 

Who initiated the Electron Pro design project? 

The Electron Pro was developed specifically for the Danish National Pursuit team for the Olympics in 2016. The Danish team at the time were one of the fastest teams on the planet but as a small nation did not have a partnership with a manufacturer. We saw the opportunity to work with them as looking into a mirror: a small understated team with a huge passion and heritage for cycling and a desire to win! 

Will some of the knowledge acquired, technologies and know-how developed for the track bikes be transferred to road bikes?

We are always looking to learn/understand and exploit our knowledge to make better bikes. With track: it’s hard, there are no gear, no brakes, you aren’t concerned with managing the feel of the road, and in a lot of cases the bike is ridden for such small periods of time that the ability to output raw power far outweighs any notion of comfort. But what we do learn is our limits – here our products are pushed to the absolute bleeding edge and that understanding as a whole will continue to fuel our obsession with faster bikes!

Michael McGinn

Director of Product


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