Record: 101 Argon 18 Bikes at IRONMAN World Championships


Canadian bike manufacturer Argon 18 has taken a decisive step in his rise to world summits of high performance cycling at the Ironman™ World Championships that took place on October 10, in Kona, Hawaii. According to the official bike count, no less than 101 triathletes were riding a Argon 18 bike, and the company finished 5th among the most present manufacturers on the circuit. This is an increase of 60% compared to the 2014 count.

Unprecedented Exposure
The year 2015 draws to a close and it has been marked by success for the Montreal-based company. With the participation of team BORA – Argon 18 in the Tour de France and the launch of 7 new products – including 4 triathlon bikes – the high-end manufacturer has the wind in its sails now more than ever and claims its status as a world leader.

“Argon 18 has obtained visibility and unprecedented coverage in specialized media this year”, states Gervais Rioux, Founder and CEO at Argon 18. “We have never been as visible. Through our involvement in the Tour de France, we have struck a blow, and this momentum has energized our presence at the Eurobike trade show. Never have so many eyes been fixed on the brand, and never have so many people been interested in our products. We saw it in Kona, where we broke our own record to the bike count.”

World Leader in Triathlon
Argon 18 has been an innovator in triathlon racing for over a decade. Driven by a commitment to continually push the envelope, the company introduced the revolutionary ONEness concept. This concept, which fully and symbiotically integrates the fork, stem and handle bars, is a truly versatile solution to optimizing aerodynamics that has had a huge impact on the industry and its main players. So much so that over 30% of all triathlon bikes used in the Kona IRONMAN™ World Championship have integrated Argon 18 R&D’s innovative concept.

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