Alexey Lutsenko's new Gallium Pro SnowLeopard – ParticuleR 01

New ParticuleR Custom painted Gallium Pro

Launching ahead of the Giro d’Italia, the custom painted Gallium Pro for Alexey Lutsenko from Argon 18.

Inspiration behind the design

The process behind the custom paint scheme for Lutsenko incorporated multiple elements specific to Alexey’s roots. The overall idea behind the bike was to create a modern Kazakh bike with a strong aggressive look. Our goal was to create an iconic Gallium Pro integrating numerous national symbols of the country, from the national Flag colors to some leopard pattern on the inside of the fork. On the top tube, we designed an aggressive snow leopard face, an icon of Kazakhstan. The overall graphic concept of this bike is a visual representation of this powerful rider’s dynamic racing style. An up-close look at the bike showcases a luxurious paint finish highlighted with a high flakes metallic paint, making certain that Lutsenko will be seen in the peloton throughout the Giro d’Italia.


Art director Alexandre Saint-Jalm worked alongside with Astana Pro Team management to elaborate the unique design of Lutsenko ParticuleR  Gallium Pro. “This project was the perfect opportunity to find the right balance between new aesthetics while paying tribute to the history of cycling with the use of iconic elements. With ParticuleR project bikes, my first goal is to highlight the personality of the rider and then, experiment with different types of textures and graphics. With every bike release, we experiment and learn for the future. The end goal is not only to have made the prettiest bike, but the one that will encourage Alexey to push even further” said Saint-Jalm. 


Lutsenko has shown strength in riding and character over the last years. We wanted to celebrate him as Lutsenko is one of the most promising Kazakhstan riders. He is ambitious and confident, just like us – We are proud to introduce a new ParticuleR custom painted bike for Alexey Lutsenko that pays tribute to his roots” said Gervais Rioux, CEO and Founder of Argon 18.


ParticuleR  Program

ParticuleR is the new internal initiative program from Argon 18 pushing a creative hub for experimentation. Through the ParticuleR Program Argon 18 designers will go to the extreme of their cycling passion to develop new ideas, new design, new possibilities. It is the company’s new playground to push creative limits and influence future brand designs. it is only through experimentation that one learns and grows. All the projects from this lab will be unique. 


“It was important for Argon 18 to work with the best in all steps of this process, including the paint artist. We worked with Rob Nicholas of ColourBurn Studio to test possibilities. With Rob, it was possible to make our ideas and vision come to life in a really short time. We can really talk about a collaboration where all parties had to bring their best. The quality of the end result would have been impossible to attain with traditional production. Pictures really don’t do the bike justice, it’s a painting in motion where small details make the difference!” said Saint-Jalm. 

While Lutsenko is now riding his SnowLeopard custom painted frame, it is the same consumer model Gallium Pro which can be found at Argon 18 retailers worldwide. The Gallium Pro, launched at the 2017 Tour de France and is available in three different colors. 






Photos ©: Astana Pro Team 

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