E-117 Tri+

The definitive triathlon beast for your inner warrior

Featuring the perfect symbiosis of lightweight construction, rigidity, handling and comfort, the brand-new E-117 Tri+ was designed to help you give the best of yourself. This machine belongs to the next generation of our bikes, which have scooped up the world’s highest triathlon honours. All our tried-and-tested features and components have been reworked and refined to perfection. What’s more, its aerodynamics, inspired from the E-119, and its comprehensive integrated accessories design, identical to that of the E-119 Tri+, ensure that the rider is in full control of the course.

Three sports; one bike. For those driven by a thirst for excellence and the will to triumph at all costs.

This Argon 18 super bike makes an excellent first impression, it is likely to turn a few heads and cause some drooling. It is also obvious that a lot of work went into the brakes.


Superior aerodynamic profile

As fast as the E-118 Next in true wind conditions (5° to 20° yaw angles)

Hydration, nutrition and survival accessories

Provide an aerodynamic advantage during races and training / entirely integrated and customizable for every rider’s needs / give the bike a sleek look by integrating the accessories in its design

Carbon lay-up even lighter than the E-117 Tri’s

Designed for better performance and stiffness

Proven braking system with the Nitrogen on the roads of the Tour de France

Provides improved aerodynamics

Press-fit 3D system

Extends positioning flexibility by offering 3 headtube heights for every frame size, thus giving a perfect adjustment of handlebar height for every rider / front end rigidity increase of +5% at 15mm, and +11% at 25mm versus standard spacers

Classic derailleur hangers

Makes for easy wheel changes


No complicated hardware, easily removable cockpit and wheels

Size-specific geometry

Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size

UCI approved

Frame and fork are approved by the Union Cycliste Internationale

Optimal Balance

A light weight bike designed to go fast and offer the ultimate in comfort and handling

  • Sizing and Characteristics



    Bottom Bracket



    no 37E + 3D Argon 18 Proprietary + TH-881-1 Compressor

    Removable and adjustable front derailleur hanger compatible with compact and oval chainrings

    Forged dropouts with replaceable forged rear derailleur hanger

    Aerodynamic and integrated brakes proprietary to Argon 18

    Triathlon accessories (nutrition, hydration, survivability)

    Maximum tire size*


    *Our measurement refers to the physical maximum measurement of which there is appropriate clearance for the tire, which is different from the size listed on the tire. Variabilities in tire size is common. Not all 25C tires were created equal. Thus there is a high likelihood that a 25C tire will fit in a bike that has 25mm of appropriate clearance, but not guaranteed.


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