Electron C

Argon 18's one-a-kind track bike

The Electron C is a lean, mean, winning machine. Whether in a Madison, pursuit or points race, Argon 18’s one-of-a-kind track bike is built to meet and exceed even the most demanding racer’s every need. A carbon frame and fork are at the heart of this explosive race weapon that’s built to hurtle you around the track at top speeds. The nimble Electron C also features our 3D System for superior stiffness and a wide range of adjustment options so that you can always find your sweet spot.

The Electron C, Argon 18’s star track bike. Slice through the wind and rack up the laps at the speed of light.

This sleek carbon track bike was made for the velodrome with its explosive speed and extreme performance abilities that shout the promise of success.


Proven aerodynamics

In the wind tunnel and on the track

Integrated carbon frame and fork

Maximizes lateral and overall rigidity

Carbon ASP-4500 seat post

Equipped with a reversible option for 15mm and 20mm rearward seat positioning

Press-fit 3D System

Offers three head tube heights for every frame size without compromising any rigidity; system preserves 5% and 11% more frontal rigidity vs. standard spacers when the handlebar is set at 15mm and 25mm, respectively

Size-specific geometry

Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size

Optimal Balance

A light weight, stiff and lightning fast bike that is both agile and adjustable

  • Sizing and Characteristics

    E-99 carbon aero fork

    Reversible seat post (76°/78°) ASP-4500 carbon (36cm uncut)

    Bottom bracket shell with English thread

    FSA Orbit IS-2 + 3D (w/6.5mm top cover, bearing 1" 1/8) + FSA TH-883 compressor included

    Alloy drop-out with replaceable stainless steel inserts

    Stainless steel integrated chain tensioner included

    Maximum tire size



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