Built for serious cyclists: take the track by storm or put your wheels to the pavement

Introducing the new, entirely redesigned Electron: your favourite track bike just got faster. Twenty-five years of the molecule brand’s expertise have been distilled into this powerful bike capable of hurtling you to the next turn in record time. With an aluminum frame and an aerodynamic carbon fork, the Electron is your ticket to freedom and victory. Unique, sleek and aerodynamic, the Electron combines velodrome performance and road-worthy style.

Get ready to make your spin on the Electron: velodrome performance meets street flare!

I just love the Electron's seamless welds, cut away seat tube and the replaceable steel inset fork ends. I ride it on the road!
Javier, Madrid


A one-of-a-kind track bike

The natural choice for track aficionados and true fixie enthusiasts alike

New aero tube

More aerodynamic than ever

Carbon fork

Maximum comfort and amazing agility

Triple-butted aluminum frame

Significantly lighter, but just as rigid

Alloy rear dropouts

Provide increased wear resistance against the back wheel’s fitting surface

Argon Fit System (AFS)

A shorter wheel base, increased bottom bracket clearance and more aggressive seat and head tube angles for superior handling and incredible agility

Size-specific geometry

Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size

Optimal Balance

The perfect blend of power and comfort

  • Sizing and Characteristics

    E-99 carbon aero fork

    FSA Orbit IS-2 (w/6.5mm top cover, bearing 1" 1/8) + FSA TH-875-1 compressor included

    Seat post diameter


    Seat post collar diameter


    Alloy drop-out with replaceable steel inserts

    Bottom bracket shell with English thread

    Maximum tire size



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