AHB5000 Carbon Handlebar

Aerodynamic, ergonomic, adjustable one-piece handlebar

Engineered to minimize the frontal area and maximize airflow, the new AHB5000 carbon handlebar is an aerodynamic, ergonomic, sleek and fully integrated solution. It offers the superior performance of a one-piece (30% aerodynamic gain over traditional round handlebars) with all the same adjustment options as a stem and standard handlebar combo. This handlebar also features a multitude of positioning options that don’t weigh the bike down

Also available as an aftermarket accessory, the AHB5000 fits with bikes that have a 1 1/8'' steerer tube.


30% aerodynamic gain

Over traditional round handlebars

Adjustable and ergonomic

An innovative solution to standard one-piece handlebars

Modular stem and optional spacers

Allow for 20 possible sizing configurations

Single bolt jaws clamp fixture

Easy to use and more aerodynamic

Computer mount

Compatible with all two-bolt computers

Available as an aftermarket accessory

Fits with all bikes that have a 1 1/8'' steerer tube

  • Sizing and Characteristics


    397 g (configuration: 42x100)

    Sizes (4)

    38cm, 40cm, 42cm, and 44cm


    20 mm

    Three modular stems


    92 mm


    125 mm

    Ramp angle


    Fits with all bikes that have a 1 1/8'' steerer tube


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