ONEness 3.0 with AHB-7550: achieve perfect positioning

The ONEness 3.0 concept was developed by Argon 18 to uniquely complement the E-118 Next time trial/triathlon new front end. The E-118 Next was the subject of an intensive research and development effort wherein Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis had a decisive impact on the bike’s aerodynamic efficiency.

This research demonstrated conclusively that it’s the rider who generates up to 70% of aerodynamic drag in trying to maintain speed. This is what motivated the development of ONEness 3.0 and the AHB-7550 handlebar system. Together, these components work to help the rider improve aerodynamic efficiency by ensuring an ergonomically and aerodynamically effective position that’s easily maintained over longer distances.

Once the primary fore-aft adjustment has been set, a wide range of adjustment possibilities come into play thanks to the AHB-7550 handlebar. It offers as many adjustments possibilities as last year's AHB-7500, but in a new streamlined design. Designed as a single unit made of carbon fiber, this handlebar is a prime example of innovative technology applied to cycle components, weighing only 250 grams (100g less than in 2014) while offering an unequaled adjustment range. This not only makes the E-118 Next one of the most completely integrated bikes of its kind but also one of the most versatile in terms of positioning possibilities.


ONEness 3.0 highlights

- Sleek and integrated Virtual Stem.

- The new Link System enhances the cockpit's rigidity and allows a long or short cockpit configuration.

- The armrests feature 12cm of lateral and 4cm of fore-aft adjustment, making it simple to dial in the ideal configuration.

- Aerobars adjustments: rotation and fore-aft.

- Swivel spacers: +15° to -15° adjustment.

- Armrest height adjustment: 38 spacer configurations from 0cm to 10cm.

With such a wide range of positioning possibilities, the ONEness 3.0 and AHB-7550 combination is one of the most versatile cockpit set-ups available today. At Argon 18, we believe that a rider can only be optimally aerodynamic and maximizing energy output if he or she is comfortable and able to keep that efficient position for the duration of the race. It is truly a customized fit for riders of all shapes and sizes.

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