3D System

The 3D System* (*Patent pending) is an Argon 18 exclusive, a simple but clever mechanical solution for perfect adjustment of handlebar height for every rider. The device is a structural extension of the headtube. It keeps the headset bearings close to the stem, even when the cyclist needs a more upright position. Three positions are available: 0mm, 10mm and 20mm.

The 3D System allows for 3 effective headtube heights for every frame size, so that riders benefit from:

  1. A position perfectly adapted to the individual’s physique and riding preferences
  2. More precise handling and an uncompromized racing frame
  3. Better front end stiffness

New in 2015, two evolved versions of the 3D System:

- The Gallium Pro's 3D System is now press-fitted, in order to be easier to install and lighter as well. 

- The Nitrogen introduces the AERO 3D, which helps reduce drag to a minimum. It is also press-fitted.


Increased front end stiffness: A larger diameter means more rigidity

  • The head and steertubes, which have grown from 1’’ to 1’’1/8 and now to 1’’1/4, have been enlarged for a single reason: to increase rigidity for quicker acceleration.
  • This change in bike design, however, hasn’t led to any modification in diameter or shape of the spacers customarily
    used to adjust stem/handlebar height.
  • Therefore, much of the intended boost in stiffness is lost to overly flexible conventional spacers on an unsupported
    steertube end section.

The numbers tell the story
Structure and diameter Increased rigidity under load
3D structural spacer outside diameter: 52mm
Comparison with traditional spacers:
Aluminum: +44%
Carbon fibre: +58%
Compared to a standard 10mm spacer, a 3D structural spacer increases rigidity by 5%.
A 20mm 3D spacer increases rigidity by 11%.
Using the 3D system with no spacer places the bearing directly under the stem:
flexing is virtually eliminated

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